Super 20 Mono

Super 20 Mono combines the ease of site handling of traditional multifilament nylon nets with high resistance performance to attachment of marine organisms, is Ideal for in-water net washers, and provides net panel tensioning.

Key Features

Product Description

Super 20 Mono combines the ease of site handling of traditional multifilament nylon nets with an improved performance of attachment resistance of marine fouling organisms, plus superior predator resistance. NETS unique tensioned designs are particularly effective using this material.

Super 20 Mono’s development has been the initiative of NETS Tasmania to respond to Tasmania Salmon farmers need for the development of a netting material that would meet two of their production problems, one predation of fish stock by seals, and two the high costs involved in use and maintenance of anti-fouled nets.

Super 20 netting overcomes these two limitations of traditional multifilament nylon nets with a special Co Polymer Mono filament, the physical characteristics of which addresses both of these issues.

An entirely new innovation achievable for the first time with Super 20 is its capacity to control engineering of tension into each panel of the nets assembly; this provides great advances in resistance to predation by seals. Super 20 Mono nets have very similar handling requirements to traditional knotless nets and therefore can be deployed using existing fish farm practices.

Super 20 Mono is well established on Australian fish farms where antifouling treatment of nets was previously required but was proving prohibitively expensive. The development of efficient in-water net cleaning machines has been maximised by the compatibility of the surface of this Co Polymer extruded knotless netting. These two developments occurring concurrently has overcome the negative impact of costs associated with antifouling nets, and has proved the most easily cleaned type of netting surface. Super 20 Mono nets are in use throughout Australia, in the culture of Salmonids, Barramundi and also Kingfish

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