KGrid is the most advanced Aquaculture net making material specifically developed from our twenty five year experience of Australian fish stock holding & predator protection.

Product Description

KGrid has been developed to outperform all previous net types used for fish farm enclosures. KGrid uses the technical advantages of a refined Japanese Knotless system of netting manufacture, with the orientation of the polymer filaments providing the highest tenacity and unique physical rigidity characteristics to give an ideal containment inner surface to the net, and an outer surface that prohibits predatory attack.

The concept of these nets delivers a performance in conjunction with mechanical net cleaning in which the net can remain in the water for its entire working life, the lack of mending, and reliability of construction materials used in the assembly exceed the working sea-life expectancy of the net in sea farming conditions.

K-Grid nets have established an enviable reputation in providing fish farming nets suitable to cultivation of Salmon and Trout in sea areas subject to heavy seal attack, the semi ridged high tenacity nature of this netting has proven to outperform all previous netting types in predator resistance.

In the Northern Australian waters K-Grid has demonstrated its capacity to resist shark and crocodile attacks on cages used for Barramundi farming. K-Grid nets can be manufactured to any configuration of fish cage to deliver these enhanced performances; design is always undertaken after extensive consultation with our customer’s specific site and culture requirements.

Key Features

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