Our Products

At Nets Tasmania our pride is in producing high quality nets and associated equipment from skilled hands and our long experience of specializing in aquaculture industries. Our nets use latest techniques of design and development and incorporate the best of traditional net making practice. We make fish farming nets for all species: Salmon, Tuna, Trout, Snapper, Kingfish, Barramundi, Perch and Asian commercial species.

We also provide predator control netting and systems for exclusion of birds, seals and sharks, as separate prevention nets or integrated into fish stock nets. Our current range of pre-tensioned netting systems are being produced to give compatibility to in-water mechanical net cleaning machinery, and have been proven to give stunning improvements in stock losses from predators

Nets Tasmania: KGrid

KGrid is the most advanced Aquaculture net making material specifically developed from twenty five years of experience of Australian fish stock holding and predator protection.

Nets Tasmania: Super 20 Mono

Super 20 Mono combines the ease of site handling of traditional multifilament nylon nets with an improved performance of attachment resistance of marine organisms.

High Tenacity Bird Net

NETS Tasmania High Tenacity anti-bird cover nets have been developed to meet the need of Australian fish farmers to protect their fish stock from predation by a variety of birds.