About Nets Tasmania

Commencing net making services to the fledgling Aquaculture industry in Tasmania in the late 1980’s were the original staff of Nets Tasmania. As the opportunity of fish farming in the Southern waters unfolded, men and women joined the company mostly from backgrounds in the Tasmanian marine industries and commercial fishing.

Enthusiasm for learning the tradition of net making gleaned from research and extensive travelling and the skills already in the hands of Don Latham and his staff were combined into a business to match the developing fish farm industries. The meeting and fulfilment of these opportunities was the energy that fuelled the early days of the company.

The Australian way of innovation in the use of netting technology and materials with a broad understanding of the needs of fish farmers founded on practical experience, rapidly established the company with an unequalled track record in the specialisation of aquaculture net making design and supply.

Nets Tasmania today claims that no net making company puts more effective effort and commitment into delivering the best aquaculture nets to fish farmers worldwide. We are founded on the best of traditional net making skills in combination with the latest products and materials.

The unique continuing factor in this company’s operation is the direct involvement that Don Latham has with each and every net that leaves his net sheds, in their design, development, supervision and the skills training of his staff, to achieve the best net possible for that customers’ requirements.

Define the need – Resolve the challenge – Provide the solution