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We provide quality net enclosure solutions specifically tailored to your unique farm site conditions.
KGrid Manufacturers
We've developerd KGrid fabric to outperform all prior aquaculture net materials.

Nets Tasmania Featured Products

Nets Tasmania: KGrid

KGrid is the most advanced Aquaculture net making material specifically developed from twenty five years of experience of Australian fish stock holding and predator protection.

Nets Tasmania: Super 20 Mono

Super 20 Mono combines the ease of site handling of traditional multifilament nylon nets with an improved performance of attachment resistance of marine organisms.

High Tenacity Bird Net

NETS Tasmania High Tenacity anti-bird cover nets have been developed to meet the need of Australian fish farmers to protect their fish stock from predation by a variety of birds.

Philosophy & Presence

Our Philosophy

To communicate and work with our customers through a total commitment to our role as their net designers and makers, and to provide the most efficient and effective enclosure of their fish stock.

Custom Solutions

We are a dedicated custom manufacturer; each net is designed and constructed to the specific fish farm’s requirements. We work to provide best net enclosure solutions for the individual farm site conditions.

Global Presence

Don Latham, the managing director of Nets Tasmania regularly travels internationally to communicate with customers developing fish farming worldwide. The company’s Asian and Australian innovations and experience have been successfully introduced to Scandinavian, Canadian and South American fish farms.