Hight Tenacity Bird Net

We’ve developed our High Tenacity anti-bird cover nets to meet the need of Australian fish farmers to protect their fish stock from predation by a variety of birds & animals.

Product Description

NETS Tasmania HT anti-bird cover nets have been developed to meet the need of Australian fish farmers to protect their fish stock from predation by a variety of birds, each bird having its own deterrent requirements.

More details

As the exclusion of seals in the water has become effective, seal attacks over the surface of cages became common and the resistance in strength of the anti-bird nets had to increase massively to meet this new threat. This has been achieved with these HT net covers. The design of the nets allows for simple deployment, and tensioning of the nets can be assessed visually to maintain effective predator resistance.

The majority of circular fish cages in use in Australian waters are covered with nets using NETS Tasmania developed anti bird net systems, nets deployed on exposed off shore sites make heavy demands on bird nets protecting their cages, and the combination of strength to resist bird and seal predation with sufficient elasticity to withstand storm movement and deformation of the cages has been met effectively with the materials used in the application of these nets’ design and construction.

Key Features
  • Total exclusion of all bird attack on fish stock and fish feed supply
  • Sufficient impact resistance to contain over the cage seal attack
  • Netting panels constructed and designed to site specific requirements
  • Graduated breaking strains of net webbings to give ultimate resistance/performance/access use
  • Framing ropes, 16 per 120M design to best highest equivalent or better tested capacity

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