Don Latham

Managing Director of Nets Tasmania – the original Australian net makers for aquaculture


In 1987 the staff of Nets Tasmania Pty Ltd commenced establishing the trade of aquaculture net making to provide specialist nets and netting to those engaged at the start-up of commercial Australian Fish Farming, at that time the growing of Atlantic salmon and Sea Trout in the clear cool waters of Southern Tasmania.

The Managing Director Don Latham of Nets Tasmania has been present at and instrumental in every major development in net enclosures for holding stock and excluding predators on farms across Australia since the inception of the fish farm industry.

Nets Tasmania staff have travelled extensively to develop the company’s expertise in state of the art net making techniques. This, with a sound understanding of the traditions of net making, gives our customers the world’s best standard performance built into their nets.

The direct involvement of Don Latham in each and every net that leaves the business ensures that the quality of NETS Tasmania materials and workmanship is without equal.

Don Latham is committed to providing nets made to the particular requirement of each fish farm. He travels widely, spending many hours hands-on with fish farmers to come to understand the specific needs of their farm site, and provides nets purpose-designed to meet those needs.

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About Nets Tasmania

We are specialist Net Makers, the original pioneers of the Australian industry, supplying Australian and International fish farms.

Our purpose and aim is continuous innovation of higher performance net enclosures and predator control systems, to increase efficiencies in fish farming for our customers.

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